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Developing the Standard for Environmentally 
Efficient & Economically Sustainable Brine Resource Development

Our ESG Philosophy

LiTHOS’ priority is safeguarding the environment, ensuring the well-being of individuals, and fostering meaningful community partnerships by upholding the most stringent ethical governance principles.

As a socially responsible & environmentally conscious lithium technology company, our mission is to create sustainable value for all stakeholders by prioritizing safety, environmental stewardship, and inclusiveness across our operations.


LiTHOS is committed to reducing our impact on local communities and preserving the natural environment through responsible practices.

Proven & Patented Technology

Field-proven, patented oil & gas produced water treatment and recycling solution utilizing novel Electro-pressure membrane technology.

Modular, mobile and automated system built for robust industrial operations under hash conditions 24/7

  • 7 years of engineering

  • $10 million capital investment

  • Published US process patent (January 2023)

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